How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Writing a Letter to the Editor (LTE) is a quick and simple way to help spread the word about the Yes for Clackamas Kids (Measure 3-564) campaign. Here are some tips to make sure your letter is more likely to be printed:

  • Focus on One Main Point and Rely on the Facts: what’s one good thing about this measure that stands out to you?
  • Make It Personal: who are you and why do you care about this issue?
  • Keep it Brief: write short paragraphs with no more than three sentences per paragraph.
  • Pay Attention to Word Count: most papers have a limit of about 250 words.
  • Be Sure to Include Your Name and Full Address: they won’t print your full address but this is needed in case they need to follow up with you.
  • Proofread Before You Submit: it is always good to have someone else check your spelling and grammar.

Letter to Editor Example:

Dear Editor,

As a school teacher and a parent, I know that the need for support services targeted at vulnerable children and youth has never been higher. Everyday in my classes I see the impact that violence, abuse, and neglect has on a child. The fact is, when a child is constantly worried about their physical and mental well-being – engaging in learning is the last thing on their mind.

The vulnerable children and youth in our community deserve to know that there are places they can turn when they experience trauma. That’s why I am supporting the Clackamas Children’s Safety Levy – a measure designed to specifically serve children and youth impacted by violence, neglect, and abuse – creating a stable funding source for proven nonprofit organizations working right here in Clackamas County.

I became a teacher because I wanted to help children and youth in our community reach their full potential. I truly believe this can only happen when we all work together to support our future generation of leaders. Measure 3-564 is a great step in the right direction for kids. I hope everyone in our community will join me in voting YES for Clackamas kids by November 3rd.

Jane Q. Educator
123 Main Road
Anytown, Oregon 11111

Where to submit your letter:

Please let the campaign know if you submit a letter so we can track our media coverage between now and election day. You can email your letter and where you submitted it to