It’s becoming clear that the recent wildfires in Clackamas County will have a lasting impact on our communities beyond the smoke dissipating and the fires being contained. One thing we don’t want people to worry about is if their ballot will be counted in the upcoming November election. 

Oregon’s Secretary of State Bev Clarno has made an assurances that the state elections office has a plan and is working closely with local election officials to ensure that voters displaced by the wildfires can receive their ballot, vote, and make their voices heard. We want to make sure that happens too!

Below are some ways you can guarantee that you will get your ballot on time and be able to get it submitted by election day on November 3rd.

We hope this is helpful. If you have questions or you are having trouble accessing the above options, you can contact the Clackamas County Elections office directly:

Phone: 503-655-8510

Note: Updating your mailing address through the U.S. Post Office will not change where your ballot is sent! Ballots in Oregon cannot be forwarded through the mail. You must change your address with the Secretary of State or your local elections office.