We all have stories…

  • Stories that speak to the heart and our shared values—rather than facts that speak to the mind—are what move people.
  • Sharing our values, our personal stories, and what connects us builds that connection with voters, and moves people to support (or stronger support).
  • It’s up to you how personal your story is—it’s your story.

We’re asking you to share that story with everyone you know. These personal connections to our campaign will help us win in November. Here’s what you need to do to share your story:

  • Take out your phone and record a quick 30 second video explaining why you support the Clackamas Children’s Safety Levy.
  • Upload that video to your social media platform of choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or all of the above).
  • Make sure you are following us on social media and then tag our campaign to your video:
  • Be sure to use the hashtag: #Yes4ClackKids
  • If you want, go ahead and print out one of these signs (Sign #1 or Sign #2) to use in your video. When you’re done – you can hang it in your window and let your neighbors know why you’re voting YES on the Clackamas Children’s Safety Levy!
  • Most importantly, speak from your heart and have some fun supporting our campaign!