What will Measure 3-564—the Clackamas Children’s Safety Levy—do?

Every dollar from Measure 3-564 stays in Clackamas County to support child abuse survivors and prevent further abuse in our community.

The Children’s Safety Levy is designed to specifically serve children and youth impacted by violence, neglect, and abuse, including children and youth impacted by:

  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Domestic/dating/family violence
  • Human trafficking and sexual exploitation
  • Sexual violence
  • Homelessness (youth focused homelessness, runaway youth)
  • Children and youth in the foster care system
  • Children of incarcerated parents

The Clackamas Children’s Safety levy will fund proven local programs and services, including:

  • Forensic and medical assessments for child abuse and neglect, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence.
  • Emergency shelter for victims of child abuse, domestic violence, trafficking, sexual assault.
  • Case management and advocacy, safety planning, trauma recovery services.
  • Legal representation and advocacy, court-based advocacy and support.
  • Mental health counseling, behavioral health therapy, addiction treatment, support groups.
  • Trauma-informed children’s activities provided at the time of services for safe caregivers.
  • Parenting support, education and skill building.
  • Strengthen economic supports for families.
  • Evidence based, data driven and/or promising best practice services that promote health
    and well-being, address the social determinants of health, and/or promote social
    emotional skill building.
  • Truancy prevention, educational achievement.
  • Peer based or group mentoring.
  • Intensive residential treatment for highly traumatized youth in the foster care system who
    cannot be placed in home environments.
  • Violence prevention programming to reduce the incidents of violence in the community.

These services include culturally responsive, community based, and population specific services.

Funds from the Clackamas Children’s Safety levy will only go to qualified service providers with a track record of success working with children and youth impacted by trauma. 

Qualified service provider requirements:

  • Preference given to community based nonprofit agencies serving Clackamas County.
  • Services must be delivered in Clackamas County, directly to county residents.
  • Service providers must have a demonstrated history of providing community based social services. Consideration will be given to agencies with a proven track record of delivering services to Clackamas County.
  • Must be providers that work with victims and/or children and youth impacted by trauma as identified through the agency’s mission, history of services, and/or have a program with specific goals and objectives to serve victims within an agency.

Accountability measures are built into the Clackamas Children’s Safety Levy, including:

  • A requirement that funds go to services in Clackamas County, for Clackamas County residents.
  • A County-appointed citizen advisory and oversight committee will review levy fund distribution.
  • Service providers must meet performance measures, monitoring requirements, and provide annual progress reports.
  • The Levy will be audited annually.
  • Voters will decide whether or not to continue the Levy after five years.

The Clackamas Children’s Safety Levy is a small investment with a big return. The average homeowner will pay just $3.78 per month on a home with an average assessed value of $302,000. 

And because funds will go to local service providers working in Clackamas County, the Clackamas Children’s Safety Levy will leverage the trust and experience that community based non-profits have established in our community, to best serve our children, youth, and families. With these resources, local safety service providers will be able to double the number of children and youth served in our community.



What’s on the ballot? Measure 3-564:

Five-Year Local Option Tax for Children’s Safety Services

Shall Clackamas County support local children’s safety services; five-year levy, $0.15 per $1,000 assessed value, beginning 2021? This measure may cause property taxes to increase more than three percent.